Our most popular 3 bed / 2 bath floor plan!

Our most popular 3 bed / 2 bath floor plan!

It features an open layout with spacious kitchen and dining area that gets ample natural light. It is priced very competitively at $81,340 and it will move fast.

This is a model home open for viewing now. We will have two of these homes ready for move in around August - September. They are coming to:

445 Lilac Ln and 394 Tulip Ln in

This brand new 3 bedroom designed for convenience, space, and comfort. You will enjoy living in this home with its ample space, superior build quality. Best of all, for similar monthly payment as renting in Altoona, you can buy this brand new home for your family. Call us today at (715) 834-6802.


Here are typical financing requirements. For FICO of 600 or above, you will need 5% to 15% down payment with income roughly 3 times the housing payments.

Under 600, you will need 20% or more. Typical monthly payment is between 950 and 1200. When your loan is approved, we will know the exact term/amount.


  1. We only sell to people who will live in our community.

  2. This is for sale only, not rent

  3. We check for background, credit, and public record


Due to material shortage, the prices of our homes have been going up. When you order a home, we will confirm the final price with the builder.


16 x 76, 1140 sqft

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Has large kitchen area

Financing available

*Pictures posted are not of the actual home but of a similar one. We will update photos soon.