How Does the Court Ruling on Realtors Affect Mobile Home Buyers?

Apr 19, 2024

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has agreed to a significant legal settlement over its commission practices, which had been under scrutiny for potential anti-competitive behavior. The settlement follows a lawsuit alleging that NAR's policies unfairly inflated commissions, harming homebuyers and sellers. The agreement includes changes to the way commissions are disclosed and structured, providing more transparency and flexibility for consumers. Additionally, NAR and major real estate companies will pay over $1 billion in damages. 

This settlement marks a substantial shift in the real estate industry’s commission practices - sellers will no longer pay the standard 6% commission. Agents are required to go into a written agreement with their buyers. The move is meant to ensure that homebuyers know what their agent will charge them for their services. This can put pressure on homebuyers who are maxing out their budget for their downpayment and closing fees and don’t have the extra funds for their realtors 3% fee.What does that mean for buying a mobile home though? Especially at Hillcrest Estates?

Implications for Mobile Home Buyers

The new NAR ruling, focusing on transparency and fairness, brings several advantages to mobile home buyers:

  • Reduced Overall Costs: By eliminating the obligation for sellers to pay buyer agent fees, buyers may encounter more straightforward transactions, resulting in potential savings.

  • Affordability and Accessibility: Mobile homes are an affordable option in today's housing market. The ruling supports this accessibility by potentially reducing additional fees traditionally placed on buyers, such as buyer agent fees.

  • Enhanced Market Competitiveness: With more emphasis on competition, mobile home prices could remain highly competitive, benefiting buyers in their search for affordable housing options.

Buying Mobile Homes Without Seller or Buyer Fees
(We already do this at Hillcrest Estates!)

At Hillcrest Estates, we are committed to providing accessible, affordable housing options. We prioritize our customers' needs by not charging brokers' fees, helping buyers find their dream mobile home within their budget.

  • No Brokers' Fees: By not charging brokers' fees, we help buyers avoid unnecessary expenses, making mobile home ownership more attainable and cost-effective.

  • Competitive Home Prices: We understand the importance of finding quality homes at fair prices. With our competitive pricing, buyers can choose from a variety of mobile homes that suit their needs and financial situation. According to Rocket Homes, the median 3-bedroom house sold in Altoona in March of 2024 was $284,000. By comparison, a brand new 3-bedroom home in Hillcrest Estates costs between $80,000 to $100,000

  • Commitment to Affordable Housing: Our dedication to offering affordable housing options supports our goal of ensuring that more people can access the housing market and enjoy the benefits of homeownership. Our lot rent is in the middle of the market while providing much more space and a higher quality environment. 

How Does This Affect The Potential Demand for Mobile Homes?

This ruling on NAR is a step towards a more inclusive and fair housing market, removing barriers that may have previously deterred potential buyers from investing in mobile homes. While Hillcrest Estates have already provide for our homes, we welcome these positive effect on the market.

  • Improved Transparency: The ruling likely introduces more transparency in real estate transactions, allowing buyers to better understand costs and fees associated with home purchases. This transparency can make mobile homes more appealing as a cost-effective option for potential buyers.

  • Lower Commissions: With lower commission fees or more flexible fee structures as a result of the ruling, overall costs for home purchases could decrease. This cost reduction may make mobile homes, already an affordable option, even more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Easier Entry into Homeownership: Mobile homes are often a more affordable entry point for individuals or families looking to own property. Removing financial barriers and uncertainties in the housing market can encourage more people to consider mobile homes as a viable option.

  • Broader Accessibility: By addressing barriers in the housing market, the ruling could open up opportunities for a wider range of potential buyers, including those who may have been previously deterred by high fees or lack of affordability.

Overall, these factors combined could lead to an increase in demand for mobile homes, supporting market growth and making affordable housing more accessible to a broader audience.


Photo Credit: Builder Magazine