Families residing in Hillcrest Estates Mobile Home Park in Wisconsin are fortunate to have access to various educational opportunities for their children. Below we provided insights into the elementary, middle, and high schools available to students in our community. Each school has a brief description, along with its transportation options for students in each of our communities.

Elementary Schools:

Altoona Elementary School- K-3rd Grade:

Intermediate Schools:

Altoona Intermediate School- 4th-6th Grade:

Middle Schools:

Altoona Middle School- 7th & 8th Grade:

High Schools:

Altoona High School:

Residents of Hillcrest Estates mobile home park in Wisconsin have access to a variety of educational options for their children, ranging from elementary to high school. Each school provides a unique learning environment focused on academic excellence and student growth. With convenient transportation options available, families can ensure their children have access to quality education within close proximity to their homes.