Here are some testimonials from our happy residents.

“Without question the maintenance team is awesome. Jane as the manager is a huge improvement from the previous company. ”

- Resident

“You know I am always ready to b---- [complain] about something if I can't get it resolved myself, so figured I would shoot you guys a compliment! Your maintenance guys are outstanding, that newest member (the youngster) is doing a fabulous job. They are all great, but wanted to mention that the youngster works his butt off - I think you guys should give them all a raise! ”

- Lori

“Location, great people living here, new owners and managers and employees are top shelf awesome ”

- Resident

“I like the neighbors I have and the ability to have my own home for a less expensive price. ”

- Resident

“Wisconsin Housing Alliance is the trade association for manufactured and modular housing in Wisconsin. There are 1058 manufactured home communities that encompass 53,000 sites in the state. Since St. Paul Group purchased Villa Diann and Hillcrest Estates, I have observed first-hand the magnificent improvement in those properties. Old homes have been removed, existing homes have been upgraded and maintained and nearly 50 new homes have been placed within the communities. That is no small feat in such a short period of time. St Paul Group been committed to the communities and making them places that residents are proud to call home. The investments they have made in items such as walking paths, playgrounds, road improvements (just to name a few) have increased the property value and the value proposition for those investing in new homes in the manufactured home communities. Eau Claire County is in severe need of affordable housing and these communities can fill that need as there are still sites to fill with new attainable homes for people of all income levels. The other investment that has been made which is not visible is their investment in education and processes and procedures to run manufactured home communities efficiently and within state and federal law. I have personally provided training to not only the owners, but also their managers and sales professionals, so I know they have the correct training needed to be successful. As a nearly 30-year veteran in the manufactured housing industry, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the business and improvement plan for Villa Diann and Hillcrest Estates. This business model could and should be a model for anyone wanting to increase the value of their investment in any type of multi-family housing. I’m proud to have them as a member of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance and highly commend them for the great job they have done so far, and I am confident the future improvements they plan to make will pay off. ”

- Amy Bliss - Executive Director, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

“I want to thank Everyone from the maintenance team for their help and support thru a very difficult time. Your kindness and understanding made the whole process of dealing with our loss due to the storm ... so much easier to get thru. I cant thank you enough for your patience and friendly attitude during all of this. God bless you all!”

- Teresa

“You are the closest I have met that are willing to understand what the elderly go through”

- Linda

“absolutely love mine and my sons new home. plus all the improvements they have made! ”

- Sammy

“Management and maintenance team are great! Everyone has been super helpful and answers any questions I come to them with. The maintenance team comes out promptly to address any issues (even if told it can wait if need be!). I also love how nice the park is becoming.”

- Mikala

“I have lived here for five years, there have been a ton of improvements just in the last couple years since the new owners took over, new roads, new homes, new playground for kids, to just name a few of the wonderful changes going on here at hillcrest. If you are looking to move, I highly recommend hillcrest, You won’t be disappointed!”

- Jason

“I love living here in Hillcrest. The management bought the park same time I bought my trailer very nice friendly people and all very helpful when you have a problem. Is a quiet place.”

- Shelley

“We just moved into the community and so far so good. Love our new home. The Property Manager Jane is the best!!!”

- April

“I am just loving living in Hillcrest Estates with the new management! So helpful and friendly. ”

- Diana

“ I just wanted to take a moment to thank the new management and ownership for everything they've already accomplished in just a few short months.”

- John