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Eau Claire - One of The Top 16 Coolest City In The Country

Is your family into outdoor adventure? Music? Or even food? No matter what you're into, Eau Claire has a little bit of everything for every type of person and family. After a long week you can spend your weekend at a mesum with your kids, or even a wine/brewery for a date night. Don't forget about all the shopping that's to offer. Eau Claire will be your one stop for all the weekend fun and family friendly attractions. Eau Claire has a small town feel with big city attractions! It is also very affordable city to live and there are some affordable home ownership options around town. 

Why Move To Eau Claire?


Eau Claire School District

We know first hand how important it is to make sure your children are getting the education they deserve. Eau Claire School District is ranked in the top 100 districts in the midwest. ECPS has an impactful mission statement to insure each child is safe and recieves the education they're rightfully owed. "To inpire and prepare our students to live creative, fulfilling, and responsible lives. Our vision for. our studetns is that we challenge minds, build relationships, and nurture individual growth to prepare all students for post-secondary success. " 


Schools nearby: 

Meadowview Elementary 

Putnum Heights Elementary

Altoona Middle School

Fall Creek Middle School 

Memorial High School


Activites for The Whole Family

It's no secrete that Eau Claire is a popular town to live in between familes. There are events and activies for any age around town, including the sculpture tour in Eau Claire. You can take your family to see the art work from artist all around the world along with local featured artist. You may even run into our weekly farmers market or alpaca farm on your way out your sculpture tour. Have kids that aren't afraid of a little water? We have an indoor water park that is open all year! These are just a few of the activies you can take your family on when you live in Eau Claire. 

Employment Opportunities

Eau Claire is known for it's leading healthcare system, retail, education, and IT career opportunities. With the Mayo clinic being close in proximity, along with two other majors hospitals employing over 12,000 employee's, it's easily one of the fastest growing fields in the state. Healthcare isn't the only industry that's taken off in Altoona; Technology, Retail, Education and Manufactoring are just some of the other industries that Eau Claire has to offer. Did we mention these industries are employeeing over 45,000 citizens of Eau Claire and surrounding cities like Altoona.

Altoona - Small Town Hospitality

Altoona is a small town right around the corner to Eau Claire - known for its outdoor recreation. Not only is it a great place to call home, but it's filled with outdoor activities that anyone would enjoy. Fishing, biking, festivials are just some of the activies Altoona has to offer- not to mention Lake Atoona has trails that you can bike through all the way to Eau Claire River. Altoona is full of beauty, fresh air, and small business that gives this small town-big city vibes. Because of this, the city has been attracting businesses and new residents including seniors downsizing. 


The city of Altoona provides residents with many opportunities for recreation, leisure, and enrichment. River Prarie Park is an gathering spot for outdoor music, creative cuisin and fun for the whole family. Lake Altoona Park (just north of Hillcrest Estates), offers numerous recreation opportunities. Overall, it is a wonderful city.

Affordable Homes near Eau Claire

Homeownership with Manufactured Home

A manufactured home or as some call it, mobile home, is an appealing option when looking to relocate to Eau Claire County. 

Manufactured homes are built in climate-control factoires with efficient modern manufacturing methods. They are transported to site and installed by licensed installers and contractors. Thanks to the manufacturing methods, they cost significantly less than site-built houses. Often you can own a manufactured homes for fraction of stick-built home prices. 

Manufactured homes also have great build qualities. Some people still have misconception of mobile homes being low in quality. That is no longer the case. hey are built with same materials and strict building code. 


Hillcrest Estates, Altoona

Hillcrest Estates is a premier manufactured housing community in Altoona. It is managed by top-notch staff who work very hard to keep the community attractive, safe, and convenient for our residents. We also continue to invest heavily into our community.

We are blessed to have great residents who watch out for each other and respect their neighbors. Our recent survey show that 88% of our residents would recommend others to move here. 

If you are looking to relocate to Eau Claire, please come visit our homes. We believe you will like our homes and their prices. 

Available Homes in Hillcrest Estates

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