5 Misconceptions About Mobile Homes

Apr 21, 2019

Mobile homes (manufactured homes) have been around for a long time. They also have come a long way in terms of construction and quality and many have chosen them as affordable housing option. In fact, 7% of US population lives in manufactured homes according to US Census. Despite their popularity, there are still many misconceptions about them. 

Misconception #1:  Mobile Homes are Built Poorly

Modern mobile homes are built with high quality and modern construction methods. They also adhere to strict state and HUD building code. Each home is viewed by building inspector to ensure high quality. Because homes are built in a controlled environment and regimented process, quality is better than site-built homes in many cases.

Mobile home have strong frame so that they can be transported on the road. The homes are made to handle 30 psf roof load here in Wisconsin. Many have options that provides additional protection such as OSB wrap around the house against elements and ice shield on roof. Modern mobile homes are also energy efficient thanks to superior insulation and efficient appliances.

Misconception #2: Mobile Homes Depreciate Like Cars

While mobile homes depreciates over time, their depreciation is much slower. You can expect the value of a car to decrease to half in 4 to 5 years. On the other hand, mobile homes will retain their value much better. In our communities in Eau Claire and Altoona, Wisconsin, we often see homes that are more than 20 years old that are selling at more than 60% of their original value. 

When you see a home value increasing, it is actually the value of its land that is appreciating. Just like a mobile home, a site-built building depreciates over time. 

Misconception #3: Mobile Homes Parks are Trashy

Mobile home park are just like any other communities. On one end, there are run-down and poorly managed mobile home parks. On the other hand, there are nice, clean, well managed ones. It’s no different from the fact that there are bad neighborhoods and good neighborhoods. 
A quality of a manufactured community depends on how well it is managed and how much pride of ownership the residents have. We make a great effort to make our communities the best place to own a home in Eau Claire county. We are actively making investments and improvements. Our residents are also doing their part to keep our communities clean, safe, and friendly.

Misconception #4 - Mobile Home Owners are Greedy Corporations

Recently there have been some news about some mobile home park investors making large rent increases. It is true that some companies are making these changes to maximize their profit without regard to their residents. Not all owners operate this way. We are committed to making homeownership affordable in Eau Claire County and providing the best value to our residents. 

Misconception #5 - Mobile Homes Attract Tornadoes

When mobile homes were first made, there was no requirement for handling wind and were very susceptible to wind damage. There were some tragedies due to tornadoes and hurricanes. In 1974 mobile home construction and installation regulation was created, which required homes to be strapped and anchored to provide protection against wind damage. The requirement was strengthened in 1992. 

Mobile homes are required to be anchored to the ground with heavy-duty metal straps and anchors designed to stabilize manufactured homes during heavy winds. A licensed installer anchors a home and a building inspector checks it. 

In our communities in Eau Claire and Altoona, we provide another option for foundation that is even stronger - stainless steel helical piles. These engineered piles provide protection against uplift forces of wind beyond regular anchors. 

If you get past the misconceptions, you will realize that manufactured homes (mobile homes) are extremely attractive option for home ownership. We are confident that when you tour our home, you will like it even more. Call us today and check out your next home at Hillcrest Estates and Villa Diann