88% of Residents Recommend Hillcrest Estates - Spring Survey Result

Apr 16, 2020

In February, we sent out a survey to get your opinion about the community. ur goal is to make Hillcrest Estates the best neighborhood in Chippewa Valley. We care deeply about their opinions because we need to work together to make this a great place to live. Among other answers, 88% of our residents said they would recommend living in our great community. 

How likely are you to recommend Hillcrest Estates to Your Friends and Family?

This is perhaps the most important question. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. About 88 percent of residents filled the survey would recommend Hillcrest Estates. Here is the break down of the reponses:

Extremely Likely: 27.59%
Very Likely: 29.31%
Somewhat Likely: 31.03%
Not so Likely: 8.62%
Not at all Likely: 3.45%

Only 2 families chose ‘not at all likely to recommend’. One of them provided the following reason: “We don’t want our friends and family close.” We thank this family for their honesty. We understand. We too have families and friends like that.

What are the best things about the Hillcrest

Here, most people were very positive and supportive. The three main points were:

  1. Good Neighborhood. Many people said that they liked their neighbors. They also mentioned that the community is quiet, clean and safe.

    “It’s quiet and the neighbors are friendly. I like that”

  2. People are happy to see the continuing improvements. Road, playground, dog park, etc. There was also a lot of positive feedback on the management and maintenance staff.

    “Location, great people living here, new owners and managers and employees are top shelf awesome”

  3. Affordability. Many mentioned that they liked how the community continues to be affordable. We also have top-notch quality homes for sale at amazing prices.

What do we need to do to be the best community in Chippewa Valley?

Here is a break down of the feedback to improve our community. 

  1. Foster sense of community - many residents suggested holding events to encourage sense of community. When the Covid-19 epidemic is over, we will host events such as movie night to create chances for people to meet each other. All of our residents are homeowners or on the path to become homeowners. Ownership engenders pride and sense of community.

  2. Continue with improvements - people were very appreciative of the recent improvements including road, playground and new management. We will continue improve the community. 

  3. Rules enforcement - some raised concern with people breaking rules, such as speeding,  ignoring stop signs, not keeping their homes and lots clean. 

  4. Keeping affordability - Some residents wanted to make sure that we maintain the affordability in the community. We already operate with a tight budget to keep the cost low for everyone. We will continue to do so. It

  5. Keeping the office open longer. Some residents wanted to keep the office hours longer. In order to keep our cost down, we work with very lean staff for the amount of work involved. Using email and/or phone calls to contact management will be the best way for us to handle everything. We are also making our call handling to return and handle calls faster.

  6. Trees - Some people raised concerns about tree maintenance. With 130 acres of land, we have a ton of plants to take care of. We spend a lot of time, money, and man hours to maintain trees and plants in the community. We recently ran out of space to store leaves, mulch, and branches and had to clear the area. We will continue to work on trees. 

Community Room: What Kind of Activity Would You Participate in

Overwhelmingly, people wanted a room that they could rent for events and parties. The responses tell us that people want to connect more with their neighbors, friends and family. Other popular choices included movie night, fitness class, vending machine, etc. Here are the top choices. Of course this is before the Covid-19 epidemic. We evaluate these options in the coming months. As you can imagine, there will be a lot of things to figure out so that we can provide useful amenities while maintaining the low cost of living in the community.

Rent room for events and parties: 56%
Movie night: 37%
Fitness class: 37%
Vending Machine: 28%
Games: 28%
Clubs (gardening, books, etc): 24%
Lounge: 21%
Library: 21%