Advantages of Downsizing to a Manufactured Home in Eau Claire

Apr 2, 2019

Are you looking to downsize from your houses? More and more people in Eau Claire County in Wisconsin are using the option of downsizing by buying manufactured homes for sale in Eau Claire. Downsizing to a manufactured home can be a great option for you too. You enjoyed living in your single-family home with your family for a long time. But now you may not need all that space and expensive mortgage. Your kids may have grown up and settled elsewhere in their career. You may have retired and you don’t want to pay that high mortgage. You may have just have a tighter budget. You may be separating or going through a divorce. No matter the reason, manufactured homes provide affordable and attractive option for downsizing.  

Manufactured Homes Provide Quality

First, let’s address a common misconception about manufactured homes. Many people still think manufactured homes are built poorly and do not last. This may have been true decades ago, but they are not true anymore. Modern manufactured homes are built with highest quality standards. This is a manufactured home made with updated construction material and technique, meeting strict HUD and state building code. Many say modern manufactured homes now have higher standard than regular stick-built homes.

For instance, these are some of standard features of the new homes for sale at Hillcrest Estates in Altoona and Villa Diann in Eau Claire:

  • 6 inch exterior walls
  • Primed Drywall
  • Superior insulation: R-11 on floors, R-14 on exterior walls, R-30 insulation blown in ceiling - save on utilities!
  • Ice shield on roof to prevent ice damage
  • OSB sheathing to protect against the elements
  • KCMA Certified Cabinetry
  • Peace of Mind: 1 Year Warranty

Brand new construction also means that you have less headache. You can save yourself the headache of maintaining that old house. Our new homes also come with 1-year warranty.

Manufactured Homes are Affordable

Aside from the maintaining your large home, the high mortgage payments may be burdensome. With limited budget and fixed income, you money can be spent elsewhere. Affordability is where manufactured homes provide a clear advantage.


Our homes in Eau Claire and Villa Diann have sale price starting around $50,000 for 3 bedroom. We also have 2 bedroom homes for lower price. When you sell your current home, the proceed from the sale may be able to cover a big portion, if not all, of the price. After selling your home through a realtor and then buying our home, you might even be left with some money that you can spend on yourself or family. If the home is paid off, you pay affordable monthly lot rent to lease the land. The lot rent is currently $340/month.

If the equity in your home does not cover the sale price, we provide affordable financing options.

Greater Sense of Community with Privacy

Another great thing about living in a manufactured home community is a good balance of privacy and sense of community. Many of our residents say that there is a great sense of community. Living in a well-defined community fosters interaction with neighbours. At the same time, because our homes are separate structures without shared walls, they provide much better privacy than apartments or condos.

Comparing to 55+ or Retirement Apartment

Retirement apartment or community may be a great option when you are downsizing. Manufactured homes in Hillcrest Estates, however has following advantages:

  • Cost - many retirement communities and apartments charge premium in rent. Hillcrest Estates has very affordable rent
  • Space, privacy - many of our homes are roomier than apartments.

It doesn't meen manufactured home is a perfect solution for all downsizers, retirees, and empty nesters. Here are some disadvantages.

  • Maintenance - You may not be physically able to maintain of a home or handle weather related activities such as snow shoveling. However, many of our residents, including reitrees often rely on others to do these for them.

Check out Your Next Home

Are you ready to checkout your next home with better quality and affordability? Come check out our brand new manufactured homes at Hillcrest Estates and Villa Diann. Call 715-834-6802. You can also schedule a showing on our website,