COVID-19 Update and Community Guideline

Apr 1, 2020

Health and safety of our residents and staff are of utmost importance to us. While there has not been an confirmed case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Eau Claire county, we are taking precautionary measures to reduce possible exposure of the virus within our community. Please carefully read and follow this notice.

The Current Situation

  • The virus continues to spread throughout the country. 
  • The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a national and state emergency. 
  • Shelter-in-place order has been issued to slow down the virus
  • Currently there are more than 2000 confirmed cases in Wisconsin.

What You Should Do

  • Stay informed with updates from health agencies (links below)
  • Stay home unless for essential trips
  • Practice good hygiene - wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • If you have symptoms, stay home and contact a healthcare provider.

Changes in Our Office Procedure

Coronavirus is highly contagious. We are taking measures to reduce personal contacts in the office. Whenever possible, do the following:

  • Maintain safe distance (6ft) from the staff and other people.
  • Office will be closed and we will meet in person with appointments only.
  • Complete paperwork at home or request electronic copy.
  • Use Phone/SMS/Email to contact the office instead of in-person visit. 
  • You can call or send a text message to us at 715-834-6802. Our email address is
  • Sign up for tenant portal to find out account balance
  • Submit rent payments through tenant portal if possible
  • Request electronic copies of documents instead of paper copy

Counters, desks, door knobs will be wiped daily
We are evaluating ways to provide access to people without smartphone or computers.

Note: Please do not use Facebook as a communication method with our operations team. Our company uses Facebook for marketing purposes, not operations.

Changes in Home Sale 

We have implemented the following changes to how we show our homes for sale and rent in our community in Altoona 

  • A map with available homes will be provided via email. 
  • Homes will be open during normal business hours for self-guided tour
  • For questions, we strongly encourage potential buyers to call our office.
  • Doorknobs of the homes will be cleaned daily.


Here are links to federal, state, and county, agency websites on the current outbreak. 
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
CDC’s website provides great information on checking for symptoms and protecting you and your family.

Wisconsin Department of Health and Services

Eau Claire City-County Health Department
This site has updates on our county level.