Labor Day Sale Event - FREE Washer and Dryer for Your Brand New Home

Aug 22, 2019

<p>This Labor Day Weekend Only! If you submit applications for a brand new home at Hillcrest Estates and Villa Diann. You need to also put&nbsp;a deposit of $1,000 to hold the home, we will give you a brand new washer and dryer when you close on the home. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a brand new home in Eau Claire area. Come tour our homes today so that you can submit an application during labor day weekend!</p>


<p>Our sales office is located at 1028 Oak Dr, Altoona WI<br />

We&nbsp;will be open&nbsp;Sat 8/31 to Mon 9/2 from&nbsp;10am to 2pm<br />

The deposit will be refunded if&nbsp;sale does not close due to lack of financing.&nbsp;<br />

Deposit will not be refunded if you cancel the sale of other reasons.&nbsp;</p>


<p><img class="mfp-img" src="/thumbs/1000x1000r/2019-08/492-8704-8705.jpg" style="max-height: 537px;" /></p>


<p>This cannot be combined with other promotions.<br />

If exact model of washer dryer is unavailable from our supplier, we may replace with similar model</p>