Phase 2 of Road Repair has Begun

Jul 17, 2018

Our goal at Hillcrest Estates is to make our community the best manufacutred housing community in Chippewa Valley. We plan to do it through community improvements, affordable home ownership programs, superior management, and fostering pride and sense of community. The top issue for our residents have been the condition of the road in the community. The previous owners had not invested in the roads and they have deteriorated over the years. After all, this would be a very expensive project.

Although the cost would be high, we agreed that the roads are in need of major repair. Last year, we made a promise to improve the roads. Since then, we have been spending many days planning, coordinating, and waiting for the project. We are excited to see it begin. 

In this phase, we will focus on major arterial roads such as Pine Rd. and Clover Rd. Repaving these roads will ensure that the driving from and to their homes will be pleasant. 

When they pour asphalt, road will be blocked for half a day to a day for it to cure. You will have to use detours during this time. Senn will conduct traffic control. Please make respect the detour signs so that the road can be cured properly. There are two main areas that will be particularly important.

Pine and Clover - While these road are being repaved, please detour through Oak Drive and Evergreen on the north.

Lupine and Birch - These areas will be open while Pine/Clover are being repaved.

Please be sure to clear the road of any items like garbage bins, cars, etc