Road Phase 2 Is Completed

Jul 30, 2018

We are very excited to announce that the phase 2 of road repair has been completed at Hillcrest Estates. We have repaved major arterial roads to improve driving for majority of the residents. This was a very significant investment with goal of making Hillcrest Estates the best place to own a home in Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Area.

The road had been deteriorating in the community for a while. The community was originally built in the 60's and it still had the original road. The previous ownership had not made a major improvements. Many roads had big potholes and very uneven surfaces due to years of damages and patching. It was the top concern for the residents. When we took over in 2017, they identified the road condition as the top priority.

Immediately upon takeover, the owners planned repaving for Oak Drive, the main road in the community, with Senn Blacktop. The paving of was completed in Q3. The residents were very happy that the road was finally improving. 

We then started planning for the second phase of the road repair. Because road repair is very expensive, we wanted to maximize our investment. We evaluated each road in the community for the condition of the road and amount of traffic. Afterwards, we worked with Senn to determined the scope of the project. We repaved about 1.6 miles of major arterial roads. The project started on July 16 was completed on July 28th. Now we are working to address remaining issues such as speed deterrent and drainage. We are also working on evaluating an alternative road repair method.

This will make driving to and from residents home much more convenient and enjoyable. We are committed to making Hillcrest Estates the best community to own a home for your family.