Use Tax Refunds for Down Payments on a Home in Eau Claire County

Mar 22, 2023

Use Tax Refunds for Down Payments on a Home in Eau Claire County

It’s the time of the year when tax refunds are starting to roll in. If you haven’t completed your taxes yet, make sure to have them completed by the deadline on April 18th. One of the many things that it could be used on is a down payment on a new home. We know there are many choices of where to live, but our communities in Eau Claire provide an atmosphere that surpasses all others. 

Wonderful Communities in Altoona and Eau Claire

Hillcrest Estates in Altoona is a spacious, clean, and safe community that is a wonderful place to live. Its amenities include a playground, walking paths, and a dog park. Villa Diann in Eau Claire provides a welcoming environment with affordable homes. It has many surrounding lakes that provide several different outdoor activities. 

Next Step - Check out Our Homes 

Now that you have your tax refund and know what our communities in Eau Claire have to offer, you may be wondering how to become a part of one of them. Start by taking a look at our websites below to find a home that you love. Once you have found one, reach out to us to get an application started! Tax season brings opportunities to start a new chapter. Don’t let this tax season pass by without getting a new home using your tax refund in an excellent community in Eau Claire.