Want to Buy a Home, but Have Bad Credit? We can Help!

Jun 11, 2020

"I have good income, but I can't buy a home because I have bad credit."

We hear this often when we are helping people become homeowners in Chippewa Valley. If this is you, call us today at 715-834-6802 for SmatMH program.

We have recently partnered a non-profit organization's program called SmartMH. SmartMH provides counseling and service to improve your credit score. This program will help you improve your credit so that you can qualify for a loan for a manufactured home in our community.

What Does It Do For Me?

SmartMH program works with a credit repair service and credit counseling service. When you call, they will find out about your financial situation. Then they will connect with homeownership counselors and credit repair service. Homeownership counselor will help improve your budgeting and help you understand what's invoved in homeownership. Credit repair service company will create a plan to improve your credit score with you. With better understanding and higher credit score, you take a big step towards being a homeowner!

How Much Does It Cost?

The program has a mix of paid and free services. For credit score of 590 and above, the basic service is free. For scores below that, there may be a service fee of $50 to $75. 

Why Is It Free for Some?

This program is sponsored by Freddie Mac (a government-sponsored enterprise) to increase homeownership opportunity. 

What's Do I Do Now?

Call us today at 715-834-6802 for our home sales. We will discuss what your goals are and provide contact information for the program with our code.

We will also stay in touch during this journey to homeownership. Call us today!