We are Repaving 3.7 Miles of Road

Aug 20, 2020

We will be repaving about 3.7 miles of the road at Hillcrest Estates in Altoona. This includes 30 streets with 20,000 ft of the road.

Since we took over the property about 3 years ago, we have been working very hard to address issues and improve the community. Some of these efforts include cleaning out the park, improving management, brining in brand new homes, removing dilapidated homes, renovating office buildings. Another major effort has been on improving the roads. 

The original roads were aged and had been simply patched over the years. Major repaving was over due, but was very expensive. Thus previous owners had not made the investment to repave them. 

When we took over the park, we made a committment to make a major improvement to the community. Fixing the road was on the top of the list. It, however, presented a huge financial challenge.

Over last 3 years, we worked hard to get the right bid, and allocate enough investment to get this done. In 2017, we repaved the largest main road, Oak Drive. In 2018, we repaved major arterial road including Rosebud Ln, Clover Dr, Pine Dr, and others. 

This next phase will be the largest project, repaving about 30 streets and over 3.7 miles of road. This will make a huge improvement on the driving experience our residents. We are very excited to start this project. We will continue to improve Hillcrest Estates to make it the best place to live in Chippewa Valley.


Below is the list of roads to be repaired and their scheduled date. During each week, the target daily schedule will be as follows:

Monday - Road pulverization
Tuesday - Road grading
Wednesday - Road grading and paving
Thursday - Road paving
Friday - Follow up work and curing
Saturday - Road reopens for all traffic

August 31st

September 8th

Dahlia E

Lilac Ln
Oak Dr
Peony Ln
Phlox Ln
Poppy Ln
Tulip E
Violet E
Mum Ln W
Daisy Ln W
Tulip W
Violet W
Evergreen Rd
Goldenrod W
Red Oak E

Nasturtium Ln
Lupine Lane
Aster Ln
Lily E
Azalea Ln
Daisy E
Gladiola E
Goldenrod E
Sweetpea Ln
Lily W
Pansy W
Petunia W
Rosebud W
Buttercup Ln
Birch Dr
Monday 8/31 - Road pulverization
Tuesday 9/1- Road grading
Wednesday 9/2 - Road grading and paving
Thursday 9/3 - Road paving
Friday 9/4 - Follow up work and curing. No trash pickup
Saturday 9/5 - Road reopens for all traffic
Tuesday 9/8 - Trash pickup
Saturday 9/12 - Trash pickup
Friday 9/4 - Trash pickup
Tuesday 9/8 - Road pulverization
Wednesday 9/9- Road grading
Thursday 9/10 - Road grading and paving
Friday 9/11 - Road paving. No Trash pickup
Saturday 9/12 - Follow up work and curing. 
Sunday 9/13 - Road reopens for all traffic
Monday 9/14 - Trash pickup