Why did John and Kody buy a Mobile Home?

Jul 31, 2020

Jonn and Kody have been living in Hillcrest Estates for 4 years. This year they traded in their old mobile home and bought a brand new home at Hillcrest Estates. Find out why they bought a new home here and how the process went. 

What made you guys look for a new home?

The home we were living in had years of deferred maintenance before I bought it, and we were pretty exhausted (mentally and financially) between trying to repair existing issues and repairing new issues as they came up. 
The roof and windows were original to the home, and almost 40 years old, so we were going to be dealing with some pretty significant expenses if we had stayed. 

I also got a large raise at work, so it made sense to explore our options. 


Why did you decide to buy a new manufactured home? (as opposed to a stick-built home or renting an apartment)

Given that we were already currently living in a manufactured home, it seemed like the most cost effective way to get exactly what we wanted without having to compromise. 

We had already been touring the new homes being brought into the community for at least a year, and we were extremely impressed with the build quality and finish of MidCountry’s homes. 

We also have credit issues that would have made it impossible to qualify for traditional financing to buy real estate.

As far as renting goes, that was never really a consideration for us. Losing the ability to make changes to our home, and paying more per month without building any equity were the main reasons we didn’t go that route. 


Why did you decide to live in Hillcrest Estates?

I’ve lived in the Eau Claire area for most of my adult life, and I feel like Hillcrest Estates is such a unique place. It’s conveniently located, but it still manages to feel secluded and quiet.
I also really appreciate how much you and your team have invested (both in time and money) here since you took over. 

When I moved here, I saw a lot of potential for a great community that was ignored for a long time, and it’s nice to see that finally being realized. 

I should also add that our main goal when we were trying to figure out our housing situation was to find a way to stay in Hillcrest Estates.

Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated. 


What was the buying process like?

It was extremely easy. From start to finish, the process of custom ordering the home until move-in took less than 6 months.

We were always kept in the loop about what was going on, and everybody was really accommodating to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it. 

Financing was also much easier than we had anticipated it would be. 

We were happy that we didn’t have to worry about selling our current home on top of everything else, too.


Now that you and your cat are moved in, how do you like the home?

We (cats included) love the new home! 

It’s a massive improvement over where we had been living, and everyone that’s seen it thinks it’s beautiful. 


Do you have any recommendation for anyone looking for a new home?

I would absolutely recommend that anyone in our situation, or anyone unhappy with renting contact you. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, and we see ourselves staying in our new home for a long time.