Hillcrest Estates is Under New Management

Aug 22, 2017

Hillcrest Estates is now managed by St Paul Group. We specialize in operating and improving mobile home communities. To date, we have improved and revitalized several mobile home communities through superior management and projects. We believe in being firm and fair, providing affordable and high quality housing, and working with residents to improve communities. We look forward to working with the residents and the community to make Hillcrest Estates a great community.

Our goal is to make Hillcrest Estates the best place for affordable homeownership in Chippewa Valley. We believe Hillcrest Estates has tremendous potential to be a great place to live, with its peaceful setting, spacious lots, and residents who care deeply about the community. It also has a great location. It is in the heart of Altoona, Wisconsin - right on US 12, within minutes from Downtown Eau Claire.

While this will be a long term plan, we expect to begin some of these projects in 2017 including:

  • Roads - We will be repaving significant portion of the road in the community. We will repave deteriorated parts of the road. This will improve the driving experience in the community.
  • General Cleanup: We will be removing debris throughout the park
  • New Homes: We will be bringing in brand new mobile homes to the park. The new homes will greatly improve the look of the park. We believe in affordable homeownership and we will have these homes available for very attractive price.¬†
  • Water Meter Installation - We are considering installing water meter for each home so that you only pay for what you use. When this is completed, it will give you a way to save on water each month.

We are so excited to get to work on Hillcrest Estates. Stay tuned for more updates!