Moving to Eau Claire/Altoona Wisconsin

Eau Claire and Altoona are great places to move to

Eau Claire County is in the east central part of the state of Wisconsin. Originally a part of Chippewa County as Town of Clearwater, it was made a separate county in 1856. Situated on Eau Claire River, this county has Eau Claire city as its county seat. Altoona is a city that lies adjacent to Eau Claire on the east. If you have a desire to live a carefree and relaxed life in the countryside, both Eau Claire, WI and Altoona, WI provide wonderful options to you. In fact, a vast majority of the population of Eau Claire County lives in both these cities. Here is some basic information if you are moving to Eau Clair/Altoona with your family.

Eau Claire

Eau Claire is a beautiful city that derives its name from the French word meaning clear waters. It is considered one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. Eau Claire has a population of 67654 and it is famous for an abundance of parks and bars. It is a perfect mix of a large city and a small town with all modern amenities.


Altoona is a small city adjoining Eau Claire in the state of Wisconsin. It has a population of more than 7000 people. It is situated near Lake Altoona, which is a manmade lake from the water of Eau Claire River. Altoona has a small town feel with warm and friendly people. Its charm and convenience have attracted people to move here, making it one of the fastest growing city in Wisconsin.


Eau Claire has many large parks for the recreation of the entire family. These are Owen Park, Putnam Park, Carson Park Phoenix Park, and Riverview Park. It also houses Chippewa Valley Museum, a centre of attraction fro the tourists. Altoona Lake is famous for its fishing and boating facilities. If you are fond of natural beauty, the lush green forests, and flowing waters surrounding Big Falls along Eau Claire River will simply win you over.


If you are moving for job in Eau Claire, you should pay speicial attention for employment in retail, healthcare, and education industries where most of the residents are employed. The economy of Eau Claire was given a new shape following the loss of the lumber industry with the establishment of plants manufacturing computer hardware. Eau Clair is home to the largest manufacturing plant of Hutchinson Technology.


When you move to Eau Claire County, you can enjoy its annual events that include music festivals, marathons, country fests, Dragon boat race, festival in the pines, Chippewa Valley Rock n Roll Kickball Classic, and so on. Residents of Altoona participate in all events taking place in Eau Clair as it is very close to the city.


As with many popular areas in the country, currently there are housing shortages in the area. The average home in Eau Claire as of Nov 2018 is valued at around $160,000, although the average listing price is just shy of $190,000. The lack of housing prevents many from moving to the area. There are, however, options. 

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